Striving for shared success: A cultural shift that’s changing an industry

How do you relaunch a refined, premium brand to be both exciting and approachable?  

KKR had long ago established their reputation as the gold standard in private equity. But in recent years, the company had begun to evolve beyond their private equity roots into an investment powerhouse with a uniquely collaborative culture. 

We worked with KKR to design, build, and relaunch their website to more accurately convey the breadth of their current business and highlight the vibrant culture that serves their clients—all while defying the stereotypes that come with the territory of private equity.   

The site’s clean and modern design leverages bold visual elements to help tell its story. The animated brushstroke represents both the dynamic nature of the company as well as the human touch they bring to their work. Similarly, the stylized ampersand symbolizes their collaborative approach and belief that problems are not solved in a vacuum, but instead tackled through a connected network.  

The headline “What will we accomplish together?” further brings to life the site’s emphasis on collaboration while also highlighting their hands-on approach to problem-solving as well as the imagination and vision they bring to their relationships.  

KKR’s new digital platform reshapes the way they represent themselves to the world. It transforms their online presence into a dynamic hub of insights, where their knowledge and expertise are elevated alongside their commitment to collective success. 


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What will we accomplish, together?